Corporate Accountability Means

Strong Schools and Healthy Oregonians.

Measure 97 is a proposal to better fund Oregon's schools, health care and senior services by increasing the minimum tax for large and out-of-state corporations with more than $25 million in annual Oregon sales.

Campaign Updates

Oregonians are voting yes on measure 97

"Funding our schools makes for an educated workforce and that is good for my business and the right thing to do for our kids."

– Kelsey Denogeon,
Owner of Pieper Cafe

"A Better Oregon will provide the funding the state needs to improve access to healthcare, contributing to our state's wellness and building stronger communities."

– Jane Ko,
Registered Nurse

"If corporations want to be considered people, they need to pay their dues to build our society."

– Pat Eck,
Retired Educator

"Out-of-state corporations are getting a great deal here in our state. They pay lower taxes here than anywhere else in America. While our kids suffer from poor education, they rake in millions in profits."

– Rachel Jesequel,

"As a small business owner, I believe it is my duty to support my community. Having proper funding for our schools by making large corporations pay a little more will benefit my business and my community."

– Rita Hudson-Evalt,
Owner of Union Rose in Portland

"I want A Better Oregon for my children. I want them to have all the necessary tools and support to become independent and functioning adults in society."

– Marie Wrighten-Lynch,

"Every Oregonian deserves health care, and we need to raise adequate revenue to provide critical health, education, and senior services."

– Health Care for All Oregon,

"Corporations should see paying their fair share as an investment in their employees and the communities where they operate, not a reduction in their bottom line. Investing in people and education always has a high rate of return."

– Kyle Moore,

"Strong school systems make strong communities. That’s why I’m endorsing A Better Oregon. With this measure, we’ll be able to make real investments in Oregon’s schools — and that’s good for all of us."

– Michael Nagel,
Owner of Uppercut Barbershop in The Dalles

"All across the state, Oregon families and communities are suffering. We need to provide adequate funding for our education and for our elders."

– Greg Delgado,
Central Oregon Social Justice Center

"Everywhere you turn there’s need. And now is the time to fix it. Five years ago was the time to fix it."

– Collin Robinson,
President of the Oregon PTA and father of two

"With more funding for our schools, we can have smaller class sizes and more teachers — and that helps students succeed academically."

– Erasmo Arellano,
McNary High School, Latinos Unidos Siempre

"We are the richest country on the planet, but our children, veterans, disabled and elderly are suffering. Not just a little bit, but a lot. This has to stop."

– Sharron Thompson,
Retired and concerned Oregonian

"Oregon’s kids deserve a quality education. With A Better Oregon, my son would be set up for success."

– Matthew Reed,

"We support A Better Oregon because our schools and seniors cannot afford to continue to be left behind."

– Onesha Cochran-Dumas,
PFLAG Portland Black Chapter Steering Committee Member

"A Better Oregon would make a huge difference in the quality of people’s lives and even in the length of their lifespan."

– Steve Demarest,
administrative law judge

"Our school year is embarrassingly short. Our class sizes are too large. Oregon does not spend enough money on education and proper funding is long overdue."

– Tamara Foy,
Special Education Teacher and Parent

"I think big corporations should pay more in taxes because they make more money. That simple. "

– Heidi Liedeker,
Owner of Meat for Cats and Dogs

"The educational and health needs of many Oregonians are going unmet; ultimately, we all bear the cost of leaving these chronic, nagging problems unaddressed which is why large, profitable corporations should pay their fair share."

– Ervin Czimskey,

"My parents’ and grandparents’ generations cared for me, and we owe it to our children to care for them. I support A Better Oregon because taking care of each other is what a community does. "

– Eileen Nitler,
Eugene 4J school board member, Social Worker, and Mom

"A Better Oregon can renew and protect a complete education for Oregon students including music, arts, and physical education for all."

– Jennifer Mohr Colett,
Beaverton Music Teacher

"I support the initiative because our schools and really all public institutions are failing while corporations laugh all the way to the bank."

– Mike McCann,
Professional Engineer and Parent

"My prescription cost is now $600 per month, I can’t afford my medication, and it really is life and death."

– Kathleen Hall,
Low Income Senior

"I want to see improvements and a sustainable existence for all, which is why I stand behind A Better Oregon."

– Nancy Feldman,
A Woman Who Loves Oregon

"Our seniors can’t afford to pay for their prescriptions, our schools are overcrowded, and if corporations would just pay their fair share, everyone would benefit."

– Alice Redding,
Homecare Provider and SEIU 503 member

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Comcast is playing dirty

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About Measure 97

Oregon needs Measure 97 because Oregon families deserve good schools and affordable health care. But because large and out-of-state corporations like Comcast and Bank of America pay lower taxes here than anywhere else in the country, our schools and services are suffering.

A study done by the independent Anderson Economic Group showed Oregon ranks dead last in corporate taxes in the country. Here’s what ranking dead last in corporate taxes means:

  • We’ve got the fourth lowest graduation rate in the country, the third largest class sizes, and one of the shortest school years.
  • Nearly 300,000 Oregonians don’t have any health coverage, including 37,000 Oregon kids.
  • We know that vital treatment is out of reach for many Oregonians. And for the average Oregonian with a modest income and marketplace insurance plan, they will spend about $1,600 in out-of-pocket health expenses this year.
  • State data shows that there are 21,000 more Oregon seniors living in poverty than there were a decade ago.
  • Two-thirds of retired Oregonians have no income from retirement savings, which means many seniors are one unexpected expense away from not being able to pay their rent or buy groceries.

Oregonians deserve better. A solid education, affordable health care, and retiring in dignity shouldn’t be out of reach. That’s where Measure 97 comes in.

Measure 97 will make large and out-of-state corporations with more than $25 million in Oregon sales pay their fair share. Measure 97 requires the revenue be directed to schools, health care, and services for senior citizens.

By making large corporations like Comcast, Monsanto, and Bank of America pay their fair share like they do in other states, we can build the Oregon that working families deserve.

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