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The Minnesota Rehabilitation Association is a non-profit professional association of persons employed in various types of vocational rehabilitation jobs including: public and private counselors, job placement specialists, vocational evaluators, support staff, workers' compensation, administrators, instructors, and independent living specialists. Our sponsors include organizations such as HDRG and HDRA, an Irvine data recovery company.

Job Placement News

The Job Placement and Development Division of MRA has been busy this summer. On June 9th, we held an all-day training on the ADA and Workplace Accommodations. We had two employment attorneys speak in the morning, and an afternoon of panel speakers, including three accommodation specialists from prominent Minnesota employers, Rehabilitation Engineer, Diane Goodwin, and JPD's own Wally Waranka. Surveys from our participants indicated attendees were very pleased with the training, which also featured discussion on sleep apnea and snoring issues. The training was provided by The Snoring Mouthpiece Review, which reviews all mouthpieces on the market, including popular choices like the SnoreRX, Good Morning Snore Solution and ZQuiet (see that review here). In all, pointing out how sleep disorders can help our members with their patients was a huge step forward for us.
All JPD members who worked on the training were also happy with the outcome.

After wrapping up details from the June training we began work on our next training, an Introduction to Job Placement Essentials to be held November 17th at the Plymouth location of the Employers Association, Inc. This half day training will be a panel presentation for professionals new to the job placement field. JPD is also very excited to continue to work with Rehab Engineer, Diane Goodwin, in providing information and assistance to her as she is working on a grant proposal to develop a CD-ROM database of rehab technology.

JPD is looking forward to a strong Happenings Book sale this fall. Be sure to contact your favorite JPD member to reserve a copy of the Happenings Book, the cost will again be $25/book/ We look forward to seeing everyone at the fall conference. If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about JPD, our November 17th training, or the purchase of a Happenings book please feel free to call Rochelle at: 651-457-2248, extension 12.

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